Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Summer for Love Blog Hop

Welcome to Angela Yseult's stop on the Summer for Love Blog Hop!

To celebrate the impending arrival of summer, I'd like to offer you a peek into my YA novella You Promised Me Two Years, as well as offer you the chance to win one of 3 ebooks, or one of the 6 giftcards in play with the Summer for Love Blog Hop! Keep reading for all the details!

In You Promised Me Two Years, Tyler is an interpreter, which means he deciphers the cryptic messages given by his Prophet and friend, Connor. As they spend the summer vacation together, Connor gives Tyler a very special birthday present...


By nightfall, at last, a black car came to pick up Tyler’s mother, Carol and Sophia, and took them to the airport. Tyler managed to maintain a smile as he waved goodbye, but not a second longer than that. Returning to the dining room where the cook had served them a veritable feast, he left the half-unwrapped pair of jeans on the table and served a generous portion of birthday cake onto the plate that had been set for Connor but that had remained unused. As he went up, he could hear muffled accords of violin, and his heart tightened a bit. How bad was it?

He knocked on the door almost hesitantly. Connor opened at once. His eyes seemed feverish, his hair mussed up from raking his fingers through it. For a brief instant, Tyler almost wanted to ask if he’d taken something, but already Connor was ushering him inside, taking the plate from him and setting it on the desk, perilously close to the edge.

“The clocks didn’t ring close enough,” he said, speaking very fast and sounding a little manic. Holding his violin and bow in one hand, he pushed and pulled Tyler to his bed with the other, making him sit down and then shoving a few pieces of paper into his hands. “Horses danced and still dance and waltzed but they stepped on their fingers.”

It made no sense for a moment, to the point that Tyler wondered if he’d lost his gift to interpret. And then Connor started playing, and everything became luminous.

Connor had forgotten about Tyler’s birthday, he said. How he—or Sophia—even knew about it, Tyler had no idea. Connor had forgotten, so he had no gift ready. So he’d written this piece of music. And it wasn’t very good—he said—but it was the best he could do on such short notice. And he’d written it down for Tyler, so even after Connor was gone, Tyler could still hold on to it.

The papers in Tyler’s hands were sheet music. Tyler had learned a bit of flute in his previous school, so he’d seen something like this before, but this was more intricate than anything he’d ever laid his eyes on, let alone played. He didn’t look at it long, though. How could he, when Connor was in front of him… playing was such an inadequate word for what he was doing right now.

It was like watching, hearing, feeling a universe come to life right in front of him; stars being born in myriads of colors, explosions that were true symphonies, heat like warm fingers curling over his heart. It lasted for hours, it seemed, but it was still much too short.

When Connor finally stopped, he was breathing hard. He blinked a few times, looked at Tyler, then frowned.

“Ty?” he breathed, and what he was asking in that small, pained voice was, Did you not like it at all? Is that why you’re crying?

Tyler hastily wiped his cheeks, feeling them heat up in embarrassment under his hands. He hadn’t even noticed he was crying.

“It was beautiful,” he said, even though ‘beautiful’ was so far from what he really meant. He just didn’t have a better word for it. “It’s the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. The most beautiful present I've ever been given. Thank you.”

Connor smiled, relief shining in his eyes. They shared the piece of cake that Tyler had brought up. And Tyler was oh, so glad that Connor couldn’t read anything beyond the surface of Tyler’s words, because he was pretty sure what he’d just said was, ‘I love you.’



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