Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Into Fantasy Giveaway!

From October 17 to the 31st, I'm taking part in the Fall Into Fantasy Giveaway. More than fifty fantasy books, adult and YA are up for grabs, along with baskets of swag!

The prize I'm offering is the ebook of Demon World, a YA novel in which a young man navigates vampires, demons, magic, secrets, crushes... and the scary world of high school... Here's the blurb:

Vincent has always known his fathers’ secret: they are both vampires, escaped from a fighting camp where they were forced to combat the demons that come to Earth from another dimension through a portal.

He’s also known he was special, brought into the world by his mother’s magic at the cost of her life. It gives him the strength, speed and acute senses of vampires without their weaknesses, a combination unheard of.

And he’s known that both facts were to be kept secret at all cost, lest his fathers be sent back to fight an endless battle, or he be studied like a lab rat for the rest of his life.

So, during his junior year in high school, when he receives an anonymous text message that hints someone knows, he’s determined to figure out who it is and how to keep them quiet before his fathers find out and decide they should all run and hide. This task, however, might be easier if his best friend didn’t suddenly show a deep interest in vampires, demons and fighting camps… and if the girl he has a crush on didn’t distract him so much…

Here are the two rafflecopter forms and lists of prizes... Be sure to get as many entries as you can so have a better chance of winning!


Rafflecopter: Adult

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Adult #1

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Adult #2

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Adult #3

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Rafflecopter: YA
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YA/NA #1

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